Urban dog + Lifestyle


In 2009, we welcomed 3 month old miniature dachshund, and we named her Samantha ( Sam ).  I quickly realized she needs some clothing for not only keeping her warm, but also to protect her skin from dust and dirt on the street when we take our daily walk.

So I wanted to buy her clothing that match my personal style. All I could find was either they are frilly, too girly or sporty with not much style which I would"t wear for myself, so my dog should"t have to wear them, too. So started creating my own dog clothing. My goal was to create simple but stylish dog apparel that fit into everybody's lifestyle. Also I believe functionality and style should go hand in hand.  I choose garment which meant to last, and most importantly they have to be comfortable for our dog's skin. 


We are a San Francisco based pet clothing studio, our philosophy is to craft well made, simple,  stylish clothing that fit into urban lifestyle. Our collection is based on the clothing we love to wear! We are inspired by good design and always brainstorming with new design for the clothing and new products ideas.